Advantages and characteristics of high temperature resistant silicone tube


After more than ten years of accumulation of high tempe […]

After more than ten years of accumulation of high temperature resistant silicone tube production technology, it has been upgraded from the early room temperature vulcanized high temperature hose to the current high temperature vulcanized high temperature hose.
Excluding the price factor, what are the advantages of high temperature resistant silicone hoses and high temperature resistant silicone pipes produced by other manufacturers?
1. High temperature resistant silicone tube, high temperature vulcanized silicone tube vulcanization temperature: 200 ° C high temperature vulcanization molding, 160 ° C secondary vulcanization, bending radius equal to diameter, the tube wall will not sag after bending, the inner wall is smooth, and the wind resistance is small. Temperature resistance: -60 to 300 degrees. It is resistant to all low-concentration strong oxidizing acids, except for hydrofluoric acid, alkali, and ozone. The outer surface is pressed evenly, and the glass fiber wire is tight on both sides of the steel wire. Even winding, the product bends freely, has elasticity, and is environmentally friendly.

2. It is very strong for practical use. The high temperature resistant silicone tube adopts double-layer silicon rubber and glass fiber coating cloth, which is covered with reinforced pressure and high temperature resistant nylon wire. The size can be customized. Diameter: 25mm ~ 1000mm. The wall thickness of the hose reaches about 2 ~ 2.5mm. Excellent temperature resistance. The temperature range can be -70 ℃ --280 ℃ (up to 300 ℃ in a short time). The high temperature resistant hose is covered with silicone fiberglass cloth, and the inner side is supported by spiral steel wires. The silicone glass cloth is bonded to the upper and lower layers of the steel wire. To strengthen the adhesion and tensile force. The maximum pressure resistance is 400MMWG. Double wall, leak-proof, smooth inner wall. High temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance.

3. The high-temperature resistant silicone tube uses high-strength elastic steel wire. The copper-plated steel wire makes the whole tube look more high-grade. Built-in high-strength steel wire enables the pipe to bend in any way and has good telescopic effect.

4. The high temperature resistant silicone tube is easy to install. It can be directly connected to the interface and then locked by a hose clamp. The tube is very light and convenient to use. It can be arbitrarily bent, and it is the first choice for hot air exhaust of injection dryer and exhaust air of printing machinery.