Air conditioning system maintenance essentials


The maintenance of air-conditioning systems has been ig […]

The maintenance of air-conditioning systems has been ignored by most car owners, and over time, it will have serious consequences. So we should start to find the problem from the following aspects:
Pure refrigerant must be used. Pure refrigerants have strict requirements on various performance indexes such as water content and impurities. If a poor quality or different type of refrigerant is used, it will result in abnormal compressor, poor cooling, pipeline corrosion, leakage, pipeline explosion, and damage to important components.

2. Refrigerated oil
In an air conditioning system, the refrigerant and the refrigerating oil need to be completely miscible, so as to ensure that the compressor energy source is continuously lubricated. Mineral oil is miscible with R12 but completely incompatible with R134a. Since various compressors use different types and different grades of refrigeration oil, they should be strictly observed in use and should not be confused. If a poor quality or different type of refrigerating oil is used, malfunctions such as compressor abnormality, refrigerant turbidity, and poor cooling will occur.
Proper use of compressor refrigeration oil includes the use of the correct grade and the correct fill level. The frozen oil has strict performance index requirements in various aspects such as water content, impurities and lubrication performance. At the same time, it should be noted that the frozen oil has a certain ability to absorb water. Even if it is a qualified frozen oil at first, if it is left in the air for a certain period of time, it will cause the water in the oil to exceed the standard.

3. Compressor drive belt
Appropriate tension of the drive belt and proper centering of the pulley are important factors to ensure the service life of the compressor belt, high efficiency and low noise. Therefore, when the compressor is installed, it is necessary to ensure that the center line of the compressor pulley groove is aligned with the center line of the engine drive wheel groove, and the tension of the compressor drive belt should be tight.

4. Vacuuming
Before the refrigerant is filled, the air conditioning system must use the correct equipment to fully evacuate and leak. Vacuum pump must be used for vacuuming. Never use an air pump or a compressor that has been removed from the old refrigerator. Otherwise, the air conditioning system will not be vacuumed.
In order to ensure that the air and water vapor in the air conditioning system are completely drained, it is best not to take less than 20 minutes. The system was evacuated to 500 Pa, and after vacuuming, all valves were closed and the vacuum pump was turned off. After holding for 10 minutes, the air conditioning system was observed for leaks.