Car engine respiratory tract: rubber intake pipe


We know that the car will run because fuel combustion c […]

We know that the car will run because fuel combustion converts chemical energy into mechanical energy, and then the mechanical energy pushes the piston to reciprocate, and then transfers this power to the wheel, and then the car starts to move. In this process, the internal combustion engine is The essential.

The fuel for the internal combustion engine needs oxygen, but what to do if the cylinder is sealed and airtight, of course, it is necessary to send air in, and the role of the intake pipe is to send air into the cylinder, but it is not as simple as sending air directly. If the air contains dust or sand, it will cause irreversible damage to the cylinder, so there is a filter before the air reaches the cylinder to filter impurities. The next step is to reach the cylinder. The air passes through the intake port to the filter, and then to the cylinder before this section of pipeline is called: intake manifold.

The next step is to send air into the cylinder, but because there are more than one cylinder in the car, if you want to distribute air evenly into the cylinder, you need to use multiple pipes. This pipe has a professional name: intake manifold.

Next we will nag about the intake pipe itself, different types of cars, the shape and length of the intake pipe are different, there are vertical and swing type, this is mainly caused by the positioning of the car, such as sports cars or off -road vehicles The vertical type is generally used for the tube, and the general family car uses the vertical type. The difference between the two is that the former has higher power requirements for the engine, while the latter mainly considers emissions and economical application. Why do you say so, Because of the swirling intake pipe, air easily generates vortices when entering the pipeline, and the generation of vortices is conducive to improve the mixing degree of air and fuel. Finally, the improvement of the mixing degree improves the combustion efficiency, which is called fuel saving