What are the uses of rubber materials in automobiles?


Along with the development of the automobile industry, […]

Along with the development of the automobile industry, China's auto parts industry is also developing at a high speed, and the parts production materials are also showing diversified characteristics. For rubber materials, in addition to tires, generally 200-300 rubber parts can be used on a car, and some trucks and industrial vehicles have 400-600 rubber parts, so the use of rubber parts on the car is very extensive. . Today we will briefly understand some of the main uses of rubber products in automobiles.

First, the car with a hose. No matter what car has a lot of rubber hoses, such as radiator pipe, air conditioning pipe, water tank pipe, gasoline pipe, etc., because these hoses need to experience vibration and bumps in the driving environment, so various performances must be required, then Car rubber parts must be used.

Second, automotive sealing products. Generally, the sealing products on automobiles are mainly used for the sealing of some liquids to avoid the outflow of liquids. The rubber products are selected because the rubber has the properties of corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance, so it can maintain a good sealing phenomenon and keep driving for a long time. At the time, it can effectively maintain wear and fatigue resistance.

Third, automotive shock absorber rubber products. The use of rubber shock absorbing products in the shock absorption of automobiles can play a big role, and this is also an important part of the automobile. The rubber spring plays a big role when we encounter a pit on the road, which ensures that we will continue to drive on the uneven road. There are also cushions for critical components that can withstand the pressure on the part. Therefore, the use of rubber products in the automotive industry has long been indispensable, and will only continue to innovate more rubber auto parts.