Features and functions of vibrating screen rubber ball


In the material screening process of the vibrating scre […]

In the material screening process of the vibrating screen, if the screening is used for a long time without cleaning, problems such as clogging of the screen tube and reduction of the screening efficiency are prone to occur. Therefore, it is necessary to use vibrating screen rubber balls. Rubber balls are divided into ordinary rubber balls, silicone rubber balls, and polyurethane rubber balls. Below we invite the manufacturers of vibrating screen rubber balls to introduce the features and functions of our products:

First, the role of rubber balls
1. Rubber balls are indispensable parts and accessories of the vibrating screen. They are the main components of the mechanical screen of the vibrating screen.
2. When the vibrating screen works, the rubber ball of the vibrating screen bounces up and down continuously under the force of the punching plate, and repeatedly hits the vibrating screen to clean the vibrating screen and improve the penetration rate of the vibrating screen.
3, vibrating screen is commonly used rubber ball 20 mm, 30 mm, 25 mm, can have the effect of damping, and improve the life of the vibrating screen.

Second, the characteristics of rubber balls
1. Exquisite processing technology, smooth ball, fine joints, high glue content and good rebound.
2. The product has a wide range of applications, not only in metallurgy, mining, environmental protection, mechanical processing and other industries, but also in industries with high safety requirements such as food and medicine.