How to clean hydraulic hose


After using the hydraulic hose for a certain period of […]

After using the hydraulic hose for a certain period of time, it should be necessary to clean it. Although cleaning is a relatively common task, it must be performed in accordance with certain hydraulic hose cleaning methods and steps, otherwise it will take time but cleaning If it is not done, what kind of cleaning steps should be followed?

First, the location of the drill rig should be determined at the site where the hydraulic hoses are cleaned, and a washing machine is required during the cleaning process. Generally, the washing machine is composed of five parts, namely, a guide rail system, a temperature control system, an electric control box, a reduction box and a motor.

Secondly, the equipment should be allowed to idle before cleaning the hydraulic hose. When the idle time reaches five minutes, the next operation is performed. At this time, the power supply system of the large cleaning machine will be electrically controlled, and the control box will supply power to the rig and heating system. After the drill pipe enters the bottom of the hole, the hydraulic hose is heated.