How to control the burrs of silicone rubber products


Recently, I have been in contact with many customers be […]

Recently, I have been in contact with many customers because of the problems caused by the burrs of silicone rubber products. There are many factors that affect the size of the burrs of silicone rubber products, which have been introduced in previous articles. In this issue, I will share with you some dry goods and how to control the size of the product.

The first is the mold, the structural design of the mold, the demoulding method, the processing accuracy, etc. are all closely related to the size of the burr after the final product is formed.

The second is the molding process, which should be considered based on the product structure, appearance requirements, and order volume, except for those specified by the customer. Commonly used is flat pressing, which is suitable for products with simple structure and low burrs. The other is that the transfer process is generally suitable for silicone rubber products with high dimensional tolerances. There is also a kind of liquid silicone rubber which mainly competes with high-end precision silicone parts and silicone rubber-coated products, but the mold cost is relatively high, which requires special liquid silicone injection machine production, suitable for high-volume, high-precision silicone products.


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The third molding parameter, mainly silicone rubber product vulcanization is the set vulcanization temperature, vulcanization time, molding pressure, etc. Of course, all parameters are not absolute, and often need some experience value!

For the post-processing of the fourth burr, a considerable number of enterprises are still traditionally manual pruning, and simple products are also used for punching. With the development of technology, some of them are gradually starting to adopt. Raw edges have their own advantages.