The main advantages and disadvantages of rubber


1, high elasticity, according to the different formula, […]

1, high elasticity, according to the different formula, the elasticity can reach 80%.
2, high elongation, can reach more than 1000%.
3, low modulus of elasticity and shear modulus, much lower than some rigid materials such as steel
4, because it is a crystalline rubber, the strength is very high in rubber, the unreinforced natural rubber is 25~30MPa, and can reach 32MPa after reinforcement. But far less than steel.
5, good cold resistance, at minus 72 ° C.
6. The density is low, and the raw rubber density is less than 1g/cm^3.
7, there is a side methyl group in the main chain, easy to rearrange, heat resistance is not good, long-term use temperature does not exceed 70 ° C
8, the main chain contains double bonds, vulnerable to attack, not resistant to aging, but also can modify the double bond, such as chlorination, epoxidation, improve heat and oil resistance.
9, oil resistance, chemical resistance (except alkali) performance is not good, in the concentrated hydrochloric acid double bond will be added with HCl on the surface to produce a protective film to prevent further reactions.