Major impact of automotive rubber parts on automobile quality and safety


Speaking of car quality and safety, every driver and fr […]

Speaking of car quality and safety, every driver and friend is a topic that everyone is very concerned about at any time. If you only think about the safety of the car itself, the first thing you may think of is some important mechanical parts such as car engines and tires. Yongyong Silicone Rubber is a manufacturer with more than 20 years of design, development and manufacturing of automotive rubber parts. Today we will talk with you about how a small automotive rubber part has a major impact on automotive safety.

Before talking about this topic, it is necessary to introduce to you what our common automotive rubber accessories are. It can be said that rubber products are widely used in the entire automobile manufacturing field. They mainly include waterproof gaskets for automotive antennas, rubber harness sheaths at the connection of doors and trunks, rubber shock absorbers, rubber plugs, engine intake pipes, and door and window seals. Articles, rubber seals, rubber bushes, foot pads, etc. are not listed in detail here.
It can be seen that rubber products have been widely used in automobiles. The main functions are basically waterproof, dustproof, sealed, shock absorption, noise reduction, and protection. Knowing the role of automotive rubber parts, it is not difficult to understand the impact on the quality of the car. The first is the sealing products. If the sealing performance fails, such as automotive antenna waterproof gaskets, sealing ring products, water may leak when it rains. There may be hidden dangers of oil leakage in important parts of the engine, followed by shock-absorbing and noise-reducing products such as shock-absorbing pads, door and window seals, which will have a major impact on the service life of mechanical moving parts. The abnormal noise may be caused by the problem of shock-absorbing parts, and it must be repaired in time. There is also a car rubber harness tube, which protects the moving parts of the car from being worn and causing breaks or short circuits.