Rubber ring specification installation and selection method


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Rubber ring, rubber ring products, rubber ring specifications are a very common compression sealing element. Due to its compact structure, low consumption of materials, and easy installation and use, the rubber ring is used in pumps, fans, compressors, etc. It is widely used. However, due to various reasons, it is very likely that the rubber ring will not match the installation groove in the work, such as spare parts not in place.

A reasonable match between the rubber ring and the rubber ring groove size is necessary to extend the life of the rubber ring without leaking seals. Based on this, a theoretical calculation method for selecting the size of the two is proposed, and the calculation of the rubber ring selected by the Y341-148 water-filling packer is taken as an example. According to different rubber rings, the corresponding rubber ring groove size can be calculated. In order to ensure the long-term work of the rubber ring, it is necessary to reasonably select the relevant parameters such as the compression ratio, the amount of stretching and the accuracy of the hole and the shaft. When selecting the compression ratio, consider sufficient sealing surface contact pressure, as little friction as possible, and avoid permanent deformation of the rubber ring.

Taking into account the processing level of the general trial workshop and the downhole tools are mainly static sealing conditions, it is recommended that the shaft and the matching of the sealing surface should be H8/e8.