Selection of rubber diaphragm material


Pump valves are widely used in industry, agriculture, a […]

Pump valves are widely used in industry, agriculture, and life. The realization of pumping / regulating and throttling functions can be said to depend entirely on the diaphragm. The use of pump valves is variable, and the use of different types of rubber The film has different performance requirements, and the material determines its basic performance.

EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Terephthalate), because it has good ozone and aging resistance, and low cost, it is the material of choice for rubber diaphragms. It has a large share in water pumps and air pumps. In order to make EPDM have more properties, people have successively improved it. For example, in order to make it have good elasticity and flame resistance, new improved varieties such as chlorinated ethylene propylene and sulfonated ethylene propylene have been produced Therefore, if we hear the manufacturer say that using EPDM material to make a certain product, it may also be an improved EPDM.

Then let's talk about silicone rubber, its biggest feature is non-toxic and tasteless, can contact food, so in the drinking water machine, coffee machine and other food environment where the use of rubber diaphragms, silicone rubber material is the first choice.

In addition, silicone rubber can maintain a certain rebound and toughness at a high temperature of 200 ° C. Kitchenware made of silicone rubber is very popular in European and American countries. It also has very few rejection reactions to the human body, so it is also used in the medical industry. being widely used
Finally, let's talk briefly about neoprene and nitrile rubber. Neoprene has good acid and alkali resistance and chemical resistance. His application can often be seen in the chemical industry. But the biggest advantage of nitrile is oil resistance. It has great advantages when conveying oily materials.