Summary of automotive rubber tube types


Hose is widely used in industrial production due to its […]

Hose is widely used in industrial production due to its natural advantages. With the needs of all walks of life, the types of hoses are also constantly increasing. The hose market in the automotive industry has always received much attention. Although not many types, it is a representative of the hose industry.

Air conditioning hose
In the past two years, China's automotive air-conditioning hoses have developed rapidly, and the number of enterprises producing and researching new rubber hoses has gradually increased. There are two technical problems to be solved in developing high-quality air-conditioning hoses. The first is the pollution of air-conditioning hoses, and the second is the leakage of fluorine-free hoses. Protecting the environment starts from small things, and it is the responsibility of everyone to optimize our automotive air conditioning hoses.

Radiator hose
High-grade EPDM rubber is used as the main material of the radiator hose, and special synthetic fiber knitting reinforced structure is selected. The cold-feed extrusion technology and the coreless pre-formed bare die vulcanization new process, which are the first in China, are successfully manufactured Automobile radiator hoses with technical indicators such as breaking strength, ozone resistance, and adhesion strength meeting international standards.

Fuel hose
The inner rubber layer is composed of fluoroelastomer and chlorohydrin rubber, and the outer rubber layer is chlorohydrin rubber. The difference is that the reinforcement layer uses aramid fiber. According to related reports, domestic production of composite fuel hoses for automobiles has been used in Santana, Audi, Jetta, Fukang, POLO and other cars.

4. Brake Hose
Brake hose is an important part of a car with very strict quality requirements, which is related to the safety of the vehicle and people. In addition to being resistant to brake fluid, the brake hose must also have good aging resistance and moisture permeability.

5. Power steering hose
Power steering hoses are more stringent in automotive hoses. There are two specific requirements. One is good heat resistance and the other is to prevent corrosion of oily substances. This has caused some contradictions. The steering hose using fluorine rubber has good heat resistance, but because the fluorine rubber tube easily reacts with certain additives in the oil, its application is limited. Therefore, many car enthusiasts often have strict requirements on the steering hose of the car.

6. Turbocharger hose
Turbocharger hoses are mainly suitable for racing cars and sports cars. In recent years, due to consumer demand, development of ordinary cars has begun. China's turbocharger hoses are still in the research and development stage and have a good development momentum.