What are the applications of fluororubber in the automotive industry


With the improvement of people's living water quality, […]

With the improvement of people's living water quality, more and more passenger cars have begun to enter thousands of households, which has also driven the rapid development of the relevant industry chain of the automotive industry. Yongyong Silicone Rubber is such a family that has focused on automotive rubber accessories for 23 years. Manufacturers, in recent years we have begun to discover that more and more fluororubber products are widely used in the automotive industry. Today, I will take you all to fight together.

Before talking about it, let’s first introduce the physical properties of fluororubber materials. FKM has excellent resistance to high and low temperature performance. The extreme temperature difference can reach -40-320 degrees Celsius, followed by very good oil resistance, and also has good The physical properties of compression permanent deformation, so it has been widely used in the automotive industry.

1. Fuel pump connector, connecting gas or liquid to the delivery device in the fuel tank, with anti-vibration, low volume expansion and fuel resistance performance

2. Fuel tank cap seal, further reduce fuel evaporative emissions, low temperature flexibility (may be as low as -40 ℃), extremely low permeability, fuel resistance

3. Oil pump pressure adjustment diaphragm, fuel pressure adjustment diaphragm can accurately control the flow of fuel into the engine. Generally speaking, its flex life needs to exceed one million times, physical properties requirements, good flex life of various fuels, good Low temperature sealing performance (-40°C).

4. Quick connection O-rings, used in fuel and gas quick connection, can easily control connection or interruption, high heat resistance, excellent compression permanent deformation, long-term sealing durability.

5. O-ring for fuel nozzle is used for fuel direct or indirect injection system, one of the most critical safety components in the car. Physical properties require fuel resistance, good high and low temperature resistance, and good compression set.

6. Oxygen sensor, the sensor is used to monitor the composition of the exhaust gas, product characteristics, fuel resistance, good pressure change performance, long-term seal retention and high temperature resistance.

7. Turbocharger tube, multi-layer composite high temperature resistant structure, mainly used to connect turbocharger and intercooler Flexible, good adhesion to silica gel, generally use silicone rubber / nylon reinforced composite structure, with the increase in emission requirements, fluororubber and other multilayer composite structures will be widely used.

8. Engine oil seal-low friction oil seal, crankshaft oil seal is mainly used between rotating and non-rotating mechanical parts. The lip of the oil seal acts as a static and dynamic seal against the crankshaft, and its sensor can measure speed. Product features: Operating temperature range: -40°C to +200°C, good resistance to engine oil, resistance to engine oil (5W40) test: 160°C.

9. Cylinder head gasket, cylinder head gasket is required to have the performance of high temperature combustion gas, coolant and lubricating oil. At present, the cylinder is mainly made of aluminum, especially for direct injection diesel engines for light vehicles and cars. Product features: good high temperature resistance, good resistance to various lubricants, good pressure resistance, and resistance to freezing liquid.