What are the factors that affect the sealing performance of silicone rubber products


Silicone rubber materials are widely used in the field […]

Silicone rubber materials are widely used in the field of waterproof sealing because of their good resilience. However, in the product development stage, we often encounter problems that many companies encounter silicone rubber products with poor sealing performance or design requirements. , Which caused them a lot of trouble.


First of all, the tightness of the product is not a problem of a single product, but is composed of multiple parts. All the parts that are in direct contact with the sealing surface of the product may cause the seal to fail no matter which product is faulty. To give a simple example, most seals The parts are composed of the upper shell and the lower shell plus a silicone rubber seal ring / seal in the middle. If the surface of the upper shell or the lower shell carrier is uneven, or the gap is too large, and the pressure variable is unreasonable, it may cause problems. occur. The deeper reason is the design problem, including product design, mold design, material design and so on.

 Excluding these external reasons, let's talk about the reasons for the sealing ring of silicone rubber products. The first material itself should be based on the specific use environment of the product, such as the temperature of the product, what substances are in contact with the product, etc. Choose the right material. The second is whether the appearance and dimensions of the product manufacturing process meet the design requirements, burr control, and dimensional tolerances.