What are the factors that cause the rubber mat to age?


The application of rubber mat is more extensive. It is […]

The application of rubber mat is more extensive. It is made of polymer material and has good corrosion resistance. It is used as a truck pad to reduce the wear and tear on the truck, and it can also play a certain role in the cargo. Protective effects. However, the rubber pad should be protected when using the rubber pad to reduce the oxidation of the rubber pad. In order to reduce the aging of the rubber mat in the trial, let's take a look at the factors of aging.
Reasons for rubber aging: The aging phenomenon of rubber originates from the long-term effects of external factors such as heat, oxygen, light, mechanical force, radiation, chemical medium, and ozone in the air, causing chemical changes in the macromolecular chain and destroying the rubber original. There is a chemical structure that causes the rubber properties to deteriorate.
The external factors that cause the rubber to age are mainly physical, chemical and biological factors. Physical factors include heat, light, electricity, stress, etc.; chemical factors include oxygen, ozone, acid, alkali, salt and metal ions; biological factors include microorganisms, insects. These external factors often do not work alone in the rubber aging process, but affect each other to accelerate the rubber aging process. For example, the tire sidewall will be affected by various forms such as heat, light, alternating stress and strain, oxygen and ozone during use.
Different products have different degrees of action under different conditions of use, and their aging conditions are different. Even with the same product, the aging conditions are different depending on the season and region of use. Therefore, the aging of rubber is a comprehensive chemical reaction caused by various factors.
Understand the above, in the later use of the rubber mat protection work, help to extend the life of the rubber mat. For different fields, the specifications of the rubber mats used are also different. Therefore, before purchasing the rubber mats, you should analyze them according to your own use, so that you can purchase the right products.