Why most rubber products are black


In life we ​​can see a lot of rubber products, such as […]

In life we ​​can see a lot of rubber products, such as tires, seals, shock pads, etc. They all have one thing in common. They are all black. Do you have any thoughts on why? Simple science.
We know that the original color of the rubber material is white. At this time, if it is processed directly, the product will have various performance problems, such as aging and non-wear resistance. To improve these problems, carbon black needs to be added. See the name, right, yes, the addition of carbon black makes rubber products black.
Of course, you can also change the color by adding toner, but why not be as colorful as silicone products. This is mainly due to the following considerations.

One is because of safety. I can imagine a car. If all the streets are full of colorful tires, what kind of scene will it be? Over time, it will cause dizziness and visual fatigue. The consequences can be imagined.

The second is cost considerations. If rubber products have only rubber and carbon black, then the cost will naturally decrease.

Finally, the black product is also resistant to dirt, just like the tires are always next to each other. If you use white, the tires will turn yellow in the end, which is not as good as the black classic.